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Since I’ve resumed adding episode screen captures to the gallery, a few months ago, here’s a recap of the episodes from season 4 that are available so far (including the latest one added this year):

Links to the gallery:
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×01 – Pax Penguina
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×02 – The Fear Reaper
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×03 – They Who Hide Behind Masks
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×04 – The Demon’s Head
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×05 – The Blade’s Path
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×07 – A Day in the Narrows
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×08 – Stop Hitting Yourself

More episode screen captures will be added from time to time, so be sure to keep visiting the site.

David Mazouz was live online to talk about his time on “Gotham” with NIDO Sessions, in partnership with Comic Con Colombia. He reminisced about coming to Colombia a few years ago, the casting process of “Gotham”, how he became a fan of Batman by researching the character for the show, the process of creating his own Bruce Wayne, the evolution of the character and what helped him, and the difference between filming in the US and Latin America.

He also talked about the Snyder Cut and Snyderverse, his experiences at conventions, his relationship with the “Gotham” cast, the fans and gifts they gave him, the fun he had on set with Sean Pertwee, working with Cameron Monaghan, and how “Gotham” is part of the canon now and could inspire future iterations of Batman. Finally, he explained he’s currently focusing on college, and answered some fan questions about the content of the letter Bruce gave Selina before leaving Gotham in season 5, and the hardest scene he ever did on the show.

You can watch the conversation below:

The video is also available on Facebook.

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Celebrity Authentics Auctions is auctioning “Gotham” memorabilia and personal paintings from Camren Bicondova’s personal collection:

Our Premium Auction will take place Saturday, March 6th featuring an exceptional selection of autographed pieces from film’s finest. Live Online portion will start at 2:00pm EST on the 6th. If you haven’t already done so, register now to receive updates and plan to add some truly fantastic pieces to your collection.

You can find all the items from Camren’s collection here, which include signed comics, scripts from the 5 seasons of the show (some signed by other cast members as well), personal paintings, and a prop from season 5.

Items related to “Gotham” have been added to the gallery:

Links to the gallery:
Miscellaneous > Celebrity Authentics Auction (2021) > Signed Comic Books and Book
Miscellaneous > Celebrity Authentics Auction (2021) > Signed Scripts
Miscellaneous > Celebrity Authentics Auction (2021) > Prop

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David Mazouz joined his “Gotham” co-stars Sean Pertwee, Erin Richards and Robin Lord Taylor for a virtual panel yesterday, for WizardWorld Virtual Experiences. The cast talked about what they’ve learned during quarantine, how they got their part on “Gotham”, their favorite memories from the show, what they kept from the set, if they’d like to play their character again, what’s next for them in their career, and what their plans for the holidays are. If you missed it, you can now watch a replay on YouTube.

The panel is also available on Facebook and Twitch.

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David Mazouz joined his “Gotham” co-star Robin Lord Taylor on Instagram Live today to talk about life during Covid and the upcoming American election. You can watch their conversation below:

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David Mazouz appeared on “The Rundown” podcast to talk about Batman and “Gotham”, and you can listen to it below:

You can also listen to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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Camren Bicondova appeared on the podcast “Open Mic with Mak”, where she talked a bit about “Gotham”, but also about her faith and how she’s been coping during the pandemic.

You can learn more about the San Diego Rescue Mission, highlighted by Camren on the podcast, by visiting their website.

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