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Additional HQ episode stills from seasons 1 to 4 of “Gotham” are now available in the gallery:

Links to the gallery:
Episode Stills > Season 1 > 1×17 – Red Hood [+01]
Episode Stills > Season 1 > 1×18 – Everyone Has a Cobblepot [x01]
Episode Stills > Season 2 > 2×18 – Pinewood [+01]
Episode Stills > Season 3 > 3×16 – These Delicate and Dark Obsessions [+01 untagged]
Episode Stills > Season 3 > 3×21 – Destiny Calling [+01]
Episode Stills > Season 3 > 3×22 – Heavydirtysoul [x02]
Episode Stills > Season 4 > 4×13 – A Beautiful Darkness [+01]
Episode Stills > Season 4 > 4×14 – Reunion [+01]

Sources: FarFarAwaySite.com, EW

TVLine decided to take a trip down memory lane with a video looking back at Bruce and Selina’s relationship throughout the first three seasons of “Gotham”. Watch the video below:

And there’s more to come in season 4:

As executive producer Danny Cannon noted during our in-depth Fall Preview Q&A, “You have two independent people going on their own path. Both parentless, both orphans to a certain extent.” But because Selina was left completely alone to her own devices, whereas Bruce enjoys a life of privilege and support from Alfred, “something hardens within her as she ages.”

Even so, “We know there’s always a good side to her that will find a kinship with Bruce, an attraction to Bruce, that we can’t stop playing with,” the EP adds. “It’s just too delicious.”

We won’t have to wait long for more. “Gotham” season 4 premieres September 21, at 8/7c, on FOX.

Sean Pertwee gave an interview to Bleeding Cool where he talks about his character and the relationship between Bruce and Alfred:

DAN WICKLINE: You’re playing an Alfred Pennyworth that is much more capable in a physical sense as compared to the character’s origins. That has been more of a recent change to the character. How familiar were you with Alfred going in and did you know you were going to be playing a more modernized and action-based version?


SEAN PERTWEE: Bruno [Heller] and Danny [Cannon] asked why would this guy [Alfred] take the job and it became obvious, because he had just inherited the most valuable asset and most valuable produce of Thomas Waynes’ life. Which is his most beautiful son, Master Bruce. Alfred blames himself when the Waynes are assassinated because he was supposed to protect them. Alfred was SAS as we now know and he blames himself. So their relationship has developed from there and people had never seen Alfred at this stage of his life. As young as he is there had to be a reason for him to be there and that’s because Thomas Wayne trusts him so much. And that’s why he inherited the parental role that he struggles with.

We know where Alfred ends up, but now we see how he affects Bruce’s life as an enabler and instilling both the training and morality that we see later in Batman. And it’s exciting to play the origins of a character that is so well known and loved.

DW: Most of your scenes are with David Mazouz, what is your relationships with him off-screen?

SP: He’s become like family. He comes over and visits on holiday with my sons and things like that. I love him like my own. He’s an extraordinarily generous actor, deeply intelligent, and irritatingly brilliant actor. Fun to be around and we have, I hope, an incredible chemistry on screen. We know what each other are thinking and that’s the point. We have a real genuine relationship and look out for each other.

DW: As the series has progressed, Alfred seems to be moving away from the parental role and more towards being a partner. Where do you see that flip taking place and how much of the parental role do you still see taking place?

SP: That’s the interesting line, they don’t have a normal relationship. At the end of season two Alfred told Bruce, “do what you’re going to do, but tell me what you’re doing.” They’ve butt heads for so long that what has come back has come back stronger. Their relationship is something that can’t be replicated. It’s strong but dysfunctional and where most relationships for them don’t work, theirs does. He worries about what would happen to Bruce if he wasn’t there. Alfred has never had the capacity to love and he has post-traumatic stress disorder as does the boy, that’s what brings the two of them together. They need each other. Alfred learns as much from Master Bruce as Master Bruce learns from Alfred. It’s a bizarre relationship but it’s also a bizarre parental one as well. They will basically work to become the original dynamic duo.


DW: Where would you like to see Alfred go in season three?

SP: I’d like Master Bruce to listen to Alfred occasionally, obviously. I’d like to become more part of his life. At the end of season two, we’re exposed to the Court of Owls and Bruce will learn that there is a very small portion of Gotham that is good and trustworthy. And with Lucius Fox joining the good guys I’d like to see an adherence to the good guys and Alfred being more part of Bruce’s life and his trust.

Source: Bleeding Cool via Ben McKenzie News

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While attending the FOX 2016 Upfront, back on May 16, some members of the cast of “Gotham” were interviewed about season 2 and what to expect in season 3. Make sure to watch the video below!

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HD screen captures from the missing episodes of “Gotham” season 2 have been added to the gallery. Follow the thumbnails and links below to see all the pictures!

Links to the gallery:
Episode Screen Captures > Season 2 > 2×18 – Pinewood
Episode Screen Captures > Season 2 > 2×20 – Unleashed
Episode Screen Captures > Season 2 > 2×21 – A Legion Of Horribles
Episode Screen Captures > Season 2 > 2×22 – Transference

Both David and Camren answered fan questions yesterday night, before and after the “Gotham” season 2 finale. David started his Q&A on Facebook, and then answered some more questions on Twitter.

Click “Read more” to see the rest of the videos.

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“Gotham” executive producer John Stephens talked to CBR News prior to the season 2 finale, and here’s what he had to say about Bruce’s evolution in seasons 2 and 3:

Hugo Strange refers to his employers as “masters.” Who are the Court of Owls, and how much are we going to learn about them in the finale?
The Court of Owls is like an Illuminati. They are a shadowy group of powerful people who have controlled Gotham for centuries. They might, or might not, be behind the Wayne murders. They have financed and directed Indian Hill and Hugo Strange’s research. We will not learn all that much about them in the finale, save for the fact they are the people behind Hugo Strange and are most likely the culprits behind Martha and Thomas Wayne’s murders. Bruce will learn of their existence, but not necessarily their name. That will obviously push him forward.


Bruce and Lucius are currently being tortured by Nygma – what does that mean for these three characters?
What we gain from that is all three are intellectual, especially Lucius and Nygma. Also, we as an audience have a great deal of affection for Nygma. In having watched his development from quirky forensic guy past two seasons, I hope when you are watching it, even though you are pulling for Bruce, that your sympathies are a bit divided because there’s a great deal of affection for Nygma.


Speaking of character growth, Bruce Wayne isn’t the same teen audiences met in Season 1. How far along the path is he to becoming Batman?
He has a long way to go. Our thinking is that, in every season, we’re going to start trying to add another piece of the Batman jigsaw puzzle. For instance, in Season 3, we’ll be adding another huge piece of the puzzle that will go into being Batman. He still has a long way to go – physically, emotionally and intellectually – in all those different facets.

When you saw episode 10 this year, where he and Selina ran a con on Silver St. Cloud and he appeared to be one thing over another – you saw him really step forward and be a different person than he had been before. To me, that was a big step forward to him becoming Batman.

About tonight’s finale, Stephens added:

A lot more of these creatures are going to come out of Indian Hill, who are going to lay the groundwork for a lot of the future Batman villains. In the very last scene of the episode, we’re going to see a twist which is going to up the ante for everything in Season 3. I would definitely wait around for the very last scene – that’s when the biggest reveal of the episode happens.

Source: CBR News via Ben McKenzie News

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