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A brand new featurette was just revealed for tonight’s season finale!

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Danny Cannon, executive producer of “Gotham”, promoted the season finale in an interview with the New York Post, where he talks about what’s to come for Bruce Wayne at the end of the first season, but also in the second one:

While mayhem may rule the streets of “Gotham,” there is one oasis on the show: Wayne Manor, where young Bruce (David Mazouz), still withdrawn after the season-premiere death of his parents, is about to learn “the truth about his father’s secret identity,” Cannon says.

“Season 2 asks the question: What kind of man will Bruce turn into, given the information he attains? Will he be an introvert or join society? To become Batman, a lot more damage had to be done to him. We will see the beginning of a new Bruce Wayne.”

The article also states that the second season “starts production in June at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn”.

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Camren Bicondova just shared new stills of her character, Selina Kyle, from “All Happy Families Are Alike”! You’ll find them in the gallery:

Link to the gallery:
Episode Stills > Season 1 > 1×22 – All Happy Families Are Alike

She also recorded a fun video to thank the fans:

Bruno Heller, creator of “Gotham”, talked to TV Guide about what to expect for tonight’s season finale, including what will happen to Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz):

1. Bruce turns Wayne Manor upside-down! After receiving a cryptic warning from Lucious Fox (Chris Chalk) in the penultimate episode, Bruce is convinced his father’s secret(s) lie in his old office. And he and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) may find more than they anticipated. “Like many people do, Bruce discovers secrets about his parents he was not at all prepared for and make him doubt the foundation of his belief system and how he’s been living his life,” Heller says. “That leads to a stunning, life-changing discovery. He begins to understand that everyone has an inner shadow life, and that’s the psychic trigger for his long journey forward.”

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Just in time for the season finale of “Gotham”! I’ve added HD screen captures from the latest episode, “The Anvil or the Hammer”, to the gallery. Click the thumbnails or link below to see all the captures!

Link to the gallery:
Episode Screen Captures > Season 1 > 1×21 – The Anvil or the Hammer

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The cast of “Gotham” teases the season one finale of the show in this new video, which also includes brief scenes from the episode!

May 01, 2015 | In: Bruce Wayne, Camren Bicondova, David Mazouz, Season 1, Selina Kyle, Videos | 0 comment(s)

May 01, 2015 | In: Bruce Wayne, David Mazouz, Season 1, Videos | 0 comment(s)
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