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Camren Bicondova was a guest on The FSF PopCast (a conversation recorded a month prior), where she mainly talked about “Gotham”. You can watch the video below:

To summarize, Camren talks about how proud she is of the character of Selina and “Gotham”, how her broken foot impacted her work on stunts in season 5, and how she didn’t feel pressure at the time playing Selina because it was an origin story, which had never been done before. She praises Cameron Monaghan and his work on the show, says she wouldn’t see her version of Selina in another universe as “Gotham’s”, but would love working on a limited series showing Selina’s life after Bruce left and before she became Catwoman.

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David Mazouz appeared on “The Rundown” podcast to talk about Batman and “Gotham”, and you can listen to it below:

You can also listen to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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Camren Bicondova appeared on the podcast “Open Mic with Mak”, where she talked a bit about “Gotham”, but also about her faith and how she’s been coping during the pandemic.

You can learn more about the San Diego Rescue Mission, highlighted by Camren on the podcast, by visiting their website.

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David Mazouz talked to the Down and Nerdy Podcast prior to tomorrow night’s season 5 premiere of “Gotham” (8/7c on FOX).

David says how proud he is of the show, what Bruce has taught him throughout the years, and where season 5 picks up after the end of season 4. He also talks about his relationship with Sean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth), the characters returning for the final season, and the introduction of “Gotham’s” own version of Bane (played by Shane West). Finally, David recalls one of his favorite moments for Bruce on the show, and he thanks the fans for their support.

Listen to the whole interview below (starts at 46:41):

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With “Gotham” coming back tomorrow (March 1), the promotion is in full swing this week. Today, David Mazouz has been doing various interviews, including two audio ones that you can listen to below.

David was on All Star Mornings, where he talked about party Bruce and the pain he’s going through, Bruce going back to being a vigilante later this season, the new Ivy, and what he loves about playing his character. He also answered a short Batman trivia quiz. Listen to the whole interview below:

David also appeared on Arroe Collins‘s podcast, where he discussed the mid-season break, the cinematography of the show, Bruce’s current darker side, how “Gotham” isn’t a superhero show but an origin story, the arrival of a new Ivy, the collaboration between the writers/directors and the actors, and the behind-the-scenes work of the show’s creative team. You can listen to the podcast below:

Listen to “David Mazouz From Gotham Season Four” on Spreaker.

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David Mazouz has been taking part in several podcasts in the last weeks to discuss what’s to come in “Gotham” season 4, and shared interesting, exciting and spoilery information with fans.

Just today, Gotham TV Podcast released an interview where David talked about Bruce’s vigilante costume this season, what it’s like to film an episode, his favorite scenes to shoot, where Bruce is going next, what’s ahead for Bruce and Selina’s relationship, the new Poison Ivy (played by Peyton List) and how she’s going to affect Bruce’s evolution, and working with various directors on the show. Be sure to listen to his interview on the Gothm TV Podcast website, it’s not to be missed.

Earlier in February, David talked to Geek Vibes Nation about playing Bruce Wayne, where he takes his inspiration from to portray that iconic role, his favorite comic books, the introduction of bats on the show and what Batman gadget he’d like to see on “Gotham”, but also which cast member he’d like to work with, how the second half of the season is villain heavy, if Jerome will become the Joker, and working with Cameron Monaghan in season 3. You can listen to the whole podcast below (the interview starts at 3:47):

And last but certainly not least, back in January, Discussing Film posted their interview with David speaking about the slower progression of Bruce in the remaining episodes of this season, the upgrade of his suit, a different approach to Bruce’s fear of bats being introduced soon, the confrontation between Bruce and Jerome and working with Cameron Monaghan, if Jerome will turn out to be the Joker, villains teaming up in the second half of season 4, if we’ll ever see Batman on the show and how David wants the show to end, his opinion about Batfleck and “Justice League”, who his favorite Joker is, and finally his favorite TV shows and films. You can listen to the interview below:

“Gotham” returns this Thursday, March 1, at 8/7c, on FOX.

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