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Latest pictures

I was (finally!) able to add HD screen captures from episode 13 of season 4 to the gallery. Click the thumbnails or link below to see them:

Link to the gallery:
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×13 – A Beautiful Darkness

HD screen captures from episode 12 of the fourth season of “Gotham” have been added to the gallery.

Link to the gallery:
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×12 – Pieces Of A Broken Mirror

HD screen captures from episode 11 of “Gotham” season 4 are now in the gallery:

Link to the gallery:
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×11 – Queen Takes Knight

HD screen captures from the ninth episode of the fourth season of “Gotham” have been added to the gallery:

Link to the gallery:
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×09 – Let Them Eat Pie

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Camren Bicondova and David Mazouz were interviewed separately in two new videos posted recently on YouTube, where they reminisce about “Gotham”.

In her video, Camren talks about the lasting impact of “Gotham”, the audition process, how she wanted to do her best on the show without thinking about the possibility of her character not coming back, how she perceives Selina as being territorial rather than jealous, working with her stunt doubles (Laurie Singer and Sarah Irwin) and working on stunts with Norman Douglass (the stunt coordinator of the show), the bittersweet feeling of the show ending, the guest characters or villains she would have liked to see more of (Bridgit Pike, Ecco, Cameron Monaghan’s “Joker”, Fish Mooney), how she would play Selina again if the project and time are right, and how she would describe Selina in two sentences in a “Gotham” encyclopedia.

David’s interview is audio only, and he talks about the casting and audition process, working with Sean Pertwee, filming on location in New York City, the evolution of Bruce on the show, leading a normal life while working on “Gotham”, how he doesn’t feel the last season was rushed, the process of filming an episode (his answer is unfortunately hardly audible because of some technical glitch), if he’d work on another show again, and what other guest characters he would have liked to play (Mister Freeze/Victor Fries, Hugo Strange).

In another interview with David available on YouTube, meant to promote his latest film, “The Birthday Cake”, he talks a bit about his preparation for the role of Bruce Wayne, working with Cameron Monaghan, what he learned on “Gotham” and how he looked up to Sean Pertwee, and what props he kept from set. You can watch the video here.

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Since I’ve resumed adding episode screen captures to the gallery, a few months ago, here’s a recap of the episodes from season 4 that are available so far (including the latest one added this year):

Links to the gallery:
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×01 – Pax Penguina
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×02 – The Fear Reaper
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×03 – They Who Hide Behind Masks
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×04 – The Demon’s Head
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×05 – The Blade’s Path
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×07 – A Day in the Narrows
Episode Screen Captures > Season 4 > 4×08 – Stop Hitting Yourself

More episode screen captures will be added from time to time, so be sure to keep visiting the site.

David Mazouz was live online to talk about his time on “Gotham” with NIDO Sessions, in partnership with Comic Con Colombia. He reminisced about coming to Colombia a few years ago, the casting process of “Gotham”, how he became a fan of Batman by researching the character for the show, the process of creating his own Bruce Wayne, the evolution of the character and what helped him, and the difference between filming in the US and Latin America.

He also talked about the Snyder Cut and Snyderverse, his experiences at conventions, his relationship with the “Gotham” cast, the fans and gifts they gave him, the fun he had on set with Sean Pertwee, working with Cameron Monaghan, and how “Gotham” is part of the canon now and could inspire future iterations of Batman. Finally, he explained he’s currently focusing on college, and answered some fan questions about the content of the letter Bruce gave Selina before leaving Gotham in season 5, and the hardest scene he ever did on the show.

You can watch the conversation below:

The video is also available on Facebook.

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