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TVLine (2016)

Gotham Fall Preview: New Foes, New Faces, New Sets Make for a 'Mad City'

September 9, 2016   |   Written by Matt Webb Mitovich

“Gotham’s” David Mazouz is high on “Five,” as in the nickname sported by Bruce’s doppelgänger, first glimpsed at the close of May’s finale. “People are thinking he’s an evil version of Bruce, but he really isn’t,” says his portrayer. “He’s a guy who was created for a very specific purpose, and he’s ‘lost’ when we find him in Season 3.”


… while Season 3’s bigger picture will gradually focus on the mighty and powerful Court of Owls, which was teased last spring. “That storyline is going to be upsetting, especially, as you’ll see, at the end of Episode 4,” Stephens warns.

Regardless, a certain kid crusader will aim to silence the ominous Owls. Per Mazouz, “Bruce is really the only character that says, ‘We need to do something about this,’ and he does” — with more than a little help from manservant Alfred (who has new sets of his own to play with, in an observatory and tricked-out kitchen). “You see them really come together with the warmer aspects of Michael Keaton’s Bruce/Alfred relationship,” says Sean Pertwee, “as opposed to the brusqueness you saw in Seasons 1 and 2.”

BONUS SPOILER!: Street rat Ivy Pepper will have undergone a big change when she resurfaces in Episode 2, now played by the older, statuesque Maggie Geha. “Selina just thinks it’s a new person in Gotham, so she doesn’t think anything of it,” says Camren Bicondova. “But when Selina eventually does find out, she feels betrayed, because she thought her friend died. So yeah, that’s a whole thing!”


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