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TV Insider (2017)

When Batman Met Catwoman: 'Gotham'’s Youngest Duo Discuss First Kisses and Friendship

July 21, 2017   |   Written by Damian Holbrook

Their comic book futures may be messy, but playing “Gotham’s” Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle has been just the start of a beautiful friendship for 16-year-old David Mazouz and Camren Bicondova, 18.

How would you describe your relationship?
Bicondova: He’s basically like a little brother to me. When we’re on set and shooting together, it’s always great. He’s such a talent.
Mazouz: I don’t even know where to begin. We’ve been through so much together and have kind of grown up on this show. It’s a friendship that’s continued for three years strong.

Was the first Bruce-Selina kiss in Season 1 also your real first kisses?
Bicondova: That was my technical first kiss, yeah, so it was really, really weird for me. He was 13 and I was 14.
It was awkward to do something that would be considered very intimate in a room full of people and do it about 50 times from every angle! [Laughs]
Mazouz: I was excited. [Laughs] I mean, why not? I love whenever I get to do something cool, out of the box or different in a scene. That includes kissing scenes, fight scenes, whenever I get to do something that’s not just sitting around and sulking… which is also fun. I love those scenes too! [Laughs]

Whose Instagram game is better?
Mazouz: I would have to say Camren, for sure. I am not good at social media.
Bicondova: [Laughs] Oh, mine for sure!

Who is cooler, Clone Bruce or real Bruce?
Bicondova: Oh, the clone. He’s totally creepy but he embraces the fact that he doesn’t know who he is and uses it to his advantage. [Real] Bruce uses it as a downer on his life to get sympathy.
Mazouz: Clone Bruce is a terrible person, a brainwashed evil zombie for the Court of Owls. But if we’re talking about cool, come on. He steals the Wayne Bentley and picks up Selina. He kisses her out of nowhere – that’s pretty cool. He does what he wants. He has some swagger. [Laughs]

You both had really iconic moments last season, with the cats coming to Selina in the alley and Bruce posing on top of the building in the finale. How awesome was that?
Bicondova: I thought it was genius. I love when we pay homage to the DC Universe mythology. The fact that I got to [honor] a classic like the Michelle Pfeiffer scene in “Batman Returns” – I was stoked.
Mazouz: Once I had time to think about it, the shock wore off and I was just thrilled. I was so excited to shoot the scene, to get there and assume this new role as this vigilante looking over the city.

Are you ready to become Batman? How do you prepare for that now?
Mazouz: I have no idea, to be frank. It kind of terrifies me. [Laughs]


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