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Two Rising Stars from 'Gotham' Give Us the Scoop on One of Fall's Most Talked-About Shows

September 22, 2014   |   Written by Valerie Tejeda

Have you ever wondered what Catwoman and Batman were like as teenagers, long before the Batmobile and the leather suits? You’re about to find out thanks to Fox’s highly-anticipated new show “Gotham”. Even better? You only have to wait a few hours to watch because it premieres tonight.

Based on DC Comics characters, “Gotham” is the prequel to Batman and tells the origin stories of the city’s villains and vigilantes. Think of it as getting a sneak peek at the people who made Gotham City famous, two of them being, of course, Batman and Catwoman.

At only 15 years old, Camren Bicondova landed the role of a lifetime with pre-Catwoman Selina Kyle. For the actress, getting the part was completely unexpected, especially since she originally auditioned for a different role. “I was in shock,” she says. “When I first got the call and they told me I was going to play Selina, I was ecstatic.”

To prepare for the role, Camren read the comics and watched as many Catwoman movies she could get her hands on. And all those on-screen stunts? She took some parkour classes so she could tackle them herself whenever possible. “I like to try and do my own stunts because it allows me to connect with Selina more,” she explains. “She’s been stealing pretty much her whole life. She’s an orphan, a pickpocket, and a survivor.”

Camren’s background in dance also helped the actress add a touch of the feline mannerisms Catwoman later becomes famous for. “Dancing helped me be more comfortable in my own skin, and that’s what Selina is,” she says. “She’s very confident and knows what she’s doing, and it helped me portray that.”

Playing future Batman, AKA Bruce Wayne, is 13-year-old David Mazouz. And he couldn’t be more enthusiastic about getting the role of his dreams. “When I found out, I screamed so loud, even though I was in a public place,” he shares. “I’m a huge fan of Batman. It’s such an iconic part.”

In “Gotham”, we find future Batman right after he experienced the tragedy of his parents being killed—the moment that changed his life forever. “Bruce is in a dark place, and he’s lonely and angry and compulsive,” David explains. “He’s not Batman, but he’s getting there. My job is to tell the story of this ‘regular’ millionaire boy who, over time, gets pushed to become The Cape Crusader. That’s one of the great things about ‘Gotham’: It shows why they became who they are and what made them that way.”

Besides Camren and David, “Gotham” is full of some amazing actors and familiar faces including “The OC’s” Ben McKenzie and the needs-no-introduction Jada Pinkett Smith. “I’m really honored,” Camren gushes. “I’m new at this, and to be able to work with such seasoned actors and actresses has been great. They treat me like an equal and I really appreciate that. It’s like we’re one big family.” David chimes in: “I feel really blessed and excited for this opportunity.”


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