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HNGN (2015)

'Gotham': Stars David Mazouz and Camren Bicondova Talk Season One Finale And Season Two [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

May 4, 2015

Ever wonder what it’s like to play the young Bruce Wayne/Batman and the young Selina Kyle/Catwoman? The stars of “Gotham’s” edgy, brooding roles, David Mazouz, 14, and Camren Bicondova, 15, give HNGN the scoop.

HNGN: As a young Bruce Wayne are you more of a young George Clooney, Christian Bale, or Michael Keaton – which Batman would you like to be compared to?

David: I love them all. They are all so unique that you can’t really compare them. If I had to pick one from an inspiration point I’d have to pick Christian Bale. He was the one who really brought the darkness to Batman. We all know Batman as The Dark Knight, but we never saw him that like that until Christian Bale played him. I think that’s the approach to Bruce Wayne “Gotham” has taken.

And, Camren, what can be better than being compared to a young Michelle Pfeiffer?

Camren: I have been getting that pretty much my whole life, I never really saw it when I was younger, and I think it’s crazy that people think I look like her. She is gorgeous, so it’s pretty cool.

HNGN: But you downplay your beauty on the show because we never get to see you looking too glamorous, how is having to downplay that?

Camren: I like it, I’m not a very big fan of makeup. I mean, I to do it for special occasions but in my daily life I don’t wear makeup. So not having to wear it on set, I get to be dirty all the time and that’s great! There was a recent episode that aired where I got to wear a ball gown. That was the first time I’d been glammed up as Selina Kyle, so that was pretty cool. It was nice to paint my nails because I never can. I always mess them up!

HNGN: By contrast, David, your character is always dapper. How do you feel about that and would you like to see Bruce run around getting dirty?

David: That would be fun for a day [laughs], but I really like what they’re doing with him because it feels real. It feels like someone with that much money would not be running around in shorts. We did camera tests for the pilot and the costume designer put me in a sweater and pants – strictly Brooks Brothers for Bruce Wayne. I get down there and they go, “No! It’s like he’s in his underwear right now!” They took me back upstairs to put a jacket on. That’s just the way Bruce Wayne is.

HNGN: As you sit here in a suit jacket, has it influenced your day-to-day wardrobe?

David: Well I did realize how sloppily I had been dressing all these years!

HNGN: Camren, when you’re not on set, what do you generally wear?

Camren: Well I’m not a fan of jeans because they feel weird on my skin. I’m more into shorts and leggings.

HNGN: Congratulations on the news the show getting picked up for season 2. But what can you tease us about with what’s coming up on Monday’s finale?

David: There is actually a guy over there that if I tell you anything… [Laughs] But it’s going to be amazing, I actually saw it the other night and it really is. Every storyline is completely gripping and you don’t want to part from these characters. It’s the perfect introduction to season 2 and conclusion to season 1. I’m very excited for our audience to see it.

Camren: I agree, it’s mind blowing because Bruno Heller wrote it and Danny Cannon directed it, and the script is amazing. When I read it the first time, I literally dropped it on the floor and stared at it. I was in shock at how good it was and with the people I got to work with finally. I’m just excited for everyone to see it.

HNGN: Have you heard if you’ll be getting more airtime in season 2?

Camren: I haven’t heard anything, I do believe we are going to see Selina continue down that dark path and more of the evil side of the whole Catwoman controversy will unveil as to whether she’s evil or just misunderstood.

David: I heard in season 2 that you will see when Batman is Batman… He is Bruce Wayne, who is the more public persona, playboy and party boy. But then he is also Batman, who is fighting crime and a detective kind of guy. In season 2 you will really start to see that dual personality – his public persona and his detective persona, and I’m very excited to explore that.

HNGN: You guys have grown up so fast, has that caused any problems for production?

Camren: I’ve had to go through about 10 pairs of pants because all of them ripped.

David: You’re like the Incredible Hulk, growing too fast.

Camren: I am like the Hulk [laughs].

David: I just get bigger Brooks Brothers jackets [laughs].


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