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When Jeremiah Will Return To Gotham, According To Camren Bicondova

January 16, 2019   |   Written by Laura Hurley

The fifth and final season of “Gotham” is already packed full of bonkers twists and unhinged characters, but there’s certainly more craziness coming courtesy of Jeremiah. Although the sole remaining Valeska brother was prominently featured in trailers for Season 5, he has not yet appeared. Actress Camren Bicondova, who plays a character who has big reasons to want a reunion with Jeremiah, recently chatted with CinemaBlend, and she had this to say when I asked how close we are to seeing Jeremiah again:

We’re very close. We’re very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very close. I can’t say when he returns because then I’d spoil something, but I’d say when he finally does return and once we’ll see who is involved in his return… you’re going to be so excited.

Based on preview footage that has been released so far, Selina will be on a mission to find and take out Jeremiah as revenge for how he shot and nearly killed her. He succeeded in injuring her so severely that she would have been paralyzed from the waist down for life if not for an assist from Ivy. Given the fact that Ivy’s assist happened to be a root that healed her spine but also changed her forever, Selina’s reunion with Jeremiah won’t end well for Jeremiah if she gets her way.

Camren Bicondova couldn’t reveal precisely when Jeremiah would turn up in the flesh, but at least she could promise that he’s returning quite soon. “Gotham” has been building the suspense about his whereabouts, as his absence has been conspicuous considering his role in turning Gotham City into No Man’s Land. Ecco, who is basically the “Gotham” version of Harley Quinn, did drop by the GCPD to leave a chilling message for Jim. As for Jeremiah… well, he’s still missing, and he’s probably not just waiting around and doing nothing wherever he is.

Camren Bicondova’s comments indicate that we should be pretty psyched about whatever “Gotham” has in store with Jeremiah’s return, although the folks of Gotham City would probably be better off if he stays wherever he is, not blowing up bridges or shooting any teenage girls. She didn’t give away the exact episode that he’ll be back in the mix, but we can definitely spend the rest of the wait speculating about the character “involved in his return.”

An obvious candidate for a person to be helping Jeremiah return to the mix is Ecco, but would Camren Bicondova be so protective of spoilers if it was just Ecco who was aiding Jeremiah? Most of the major characters of the series — heroes and villains alike — have a bone to pick with Jeremiah, so it’s difficult to imagine many of them helping him.

What about Bane, who hasn’t turned up yet despite being touted as one of the big bads of Season 5? Or Lady Shiva or Magpie or one of the other new characters slated for debut? What twist would Camren Bicondova have spoiled if she dropped some details? Based on the preview for the third episode, Selina and Jeremiah could be in for quite a showdown whenever he turns up. Selina is more catty than ever, with slashing fingers and a seeming lack of conscience due to Ivy’s root. Take a look!

Given that the fifth and final season of “Gotham” will only run for 12 episodes, there’s not all that much time left for the show to set the stage for Bruce to become Batman, Selina to become Catwoman, and the rogues to embrace their villainous destinies. Cameron Monaghan is playing a third character before the end of “Gotham”, so perhaps we will get the Joker after all! Tune in to Fox on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET for new episodes, and check back with CinemaBlend for more “Gotham” coverage this midseason.


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