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TVLine answered a fan question about Bruce and Selina’s relationship in the remaining episodes of “Gotham”:

Question: Any details on what we can expect to see with regards to the BatCat relationship the rest of the season on Gotham? —BatJordan

Ausiello: When Matt Mitovich asked David Mazouz about Camren Bicondova’s ominous tease for the series finale — portending a split for Bruce and Selina — he affirmed, “They kind of had too close of a relationship at the beginning of this season to have the relationship that Batman and Catwoman need to have.” EP John Stephens puts the path ahead in slightly less rocky terms, saying that Bruce and Selina have “come through that element of ‘I hate you/I’m attracted to you, I hate you/I’m attracted to you’ to a different level of maturity than they had before.”

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