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David Mazouz received his Ride of Fame Imminent Seat in New York City, last week (October 4). Pictures have been added to the gallery:

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Source: Zimbio.com

David was also interviewed and shared some spoilers about what’s to come in “Gotham” for Bruce. Click “Read more” to watch/listen to/read what he had to say.

You can listen to an interview of David with The Jake Brown Show here.

Talking with Syfy Wire, he teased Bruce’s role in Ra’s al Ghul’s plan and how it will affect him:

“Ra’s whole purpose is for Bruce to see that he is his heir. Bruce is the only person that can commit this deed – that I’m not going to spoil – but that Ra’s wants him to do. Bruce, obviously, is not having it, but Ra’s is the devil over Bruce’s shoulder, taking the very last strand of good and vulnerability and boyish innocence that Bruce has, and snapping it in half.”

“It’s gonna be very soon. It’s not something you have to wait for. It happens in the next couple of episodes that are going to air. It’s scary, it’s really really dark, really intense, and it will bring Bruce to a place he’s never been to. He hits rock bottom.”

“He started in the costume, but he’s not going to be continuing in this trajectory all the way through… very, very soon we’ll see him take a huge step back because of a traumatic event. He’s going to become… not a lot of people are going to like it. He’s a bit of a jerk-hole.”

Fear not, though, as David said that this whole “billionaire brat” phase won’t last:

“Right now, he’s having fun dressing up. He’s doing it because it makes him feel alive, because he loves it. When he comes back, he’s doing it because he needs to, and because Gotham needs him to. It’s a much more serious version of the character. It’s much closer to the Batman version of the vigilante character.”

The idea of constant transformation is something Mazouz relates to, laughing while he said, “As a teenager, every day I’m a different person!”

“He started as just a rich kid who had this tragedy. Over the course of the three years and change, he has become a vigilante, and a person the boy we saw three years ago couldn’t have imagined. It’s not that he’s changed out of nowhere in the last five episodes of Season 3, it was very gradual, very slow; it was a natural progression. I really appreciate [the writers and producers] doing that, because it’s very real, and we’ve seen him learn different values and skills along the road.”

That road has led to Mazouz donning a cowl, though it was “missing some ears,” and he unfortunately found the big moment “uncomfortable” — he was stuck in a harness on a green-screen stage for a long time before getting to add the mask to his costume.

About last week’s episode and working with Robin Lord Taylor:

“Working with Robin is so great. We have a scene together in this week’s episode [403], and we both went in to do ADR” — the process during which actors re-record lines to patch up any audio glitches from the initial shoot. “The ADR guys see every scene like 600 times, I’m sure it’s very boring to them. They told both Robin and I, ‘We love seeing you guys together!’ When they say something like that, it’s really great, because they’re watching this on repeat.”

About Bruce’s will to protect Gotham and how it will change his relationship with Jim Gordon:

“Everyone’s trying to sit on the Iron Throne, so to speak. And as things continue, we’ll see Bruce, Penguin, and Gordon all challenging each other. It’s not going to be an easy road. Even though you think, well, Bruce and Jim are both ‘good guys’ and they’re going to work together right away, they’re not. They’ll actually be going after each other quite a bit. The vigilante will really start to be Gordon’s main enemy in the back half of this season, and Gordon will be Bruce’s main enemy in the back half of this season.”

And finally, about Bruce’s transformation this season:

“There’s a scene in Episode 7 — shooting that, I had the most fun shooting ever. It was probably my most fun day of work ever in my career. I cannot wait to see how it turns out! I can’t wait to talk about that. You’ll know what it is, the second you see it.”

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