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TVLine published spoilers about the new season of “Gotham”, as well as the very first still from episode 1, “Pax Penguina”. Click the thumbnail to see the full picture in the gallery, and read more below:

Season 4 of the DC Comics drama, says exec producer Danny Cannon, is “focusing on character more than anything else” — namely, how Jim Gordon, Penguin and other established characters react to Bruce Wayne’s coming of age: “Somebody who until now has been seen as a wealthy child is now seen as the emerging threat he is.” As Bruce faces that future, watch for Alfred to vie for mentorship of his ward with Ra’s al Ghul. (“An almost amoral figure from such a dark and ancient past coming into Bruce’s life when he is so susceptible to influence gives us lots of drama,” Cannon notes.) Jim’s world meanwhile will be rocked by no less than a return, a new love and new, canon DC villains — such as Scarecrow, Professor Pyg (“Fringe’s” Michael Cerveris), Toymaker and Solomon Grundy né Butch Gilzean — just as Penguin’s plan to “legitimize crime” steers Gotham into a(nother) spiral.

BONUS SPOILER!: Selina’s alliance with Tabitha is all part of “building up the Sirens’ origin story,” Barbara and Ivy included, says Cannon. “We’ll be watching Selina turn into a woman, but what kind of woman will she be? Vengeful and resentful, or somebody of amazing potential?”

RETURN DATE: Thursday, Sept. 21 at 8/7c (Fox)

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