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TVLine posted exclusive spoilers about “Gotham” season 3, including David Mazouz talking about Bruce’s doppelgänger. Read more below:

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David Mazouz is high on “5,” as in the nickname sported by Bruce’s doppelgänger. “People are thinking he’s an evil version of Bruce, but he really isn’t,” says his portrayer. “He’s a guy who was created for a very specific purpose, and he’s ‘lost’ when we find him in Season 3.” Other baddies, however, remain quite bad. Evoking the comic books, “You are going to see how the villains have become more and more part of the fabric of the city,” says exec producer John Stephens. “It’s become less of the police show that it was in Season 1” — especially with Jim Gordon now working as a bounty hunter. (The villains in fact have a new haunt to call home — Sirens, a nightclub run by Barbara and Tabitha and featuring the hypnotic Jervis Tetch aka The Mad Hatter as a main attraction.) The big story, though, revolves around the Court of Owls, glimpsed last spring. “That storyline is going to be upsetting, especially, as you’ll see, at the end of Episode 4,” Stephens warns.

BONUS SPOILER!: No, that was not General Hospital villainess Constance Towers playing the Court of Owls’ masked leader last May. “There is some physical similarity,” Stephens notes, “but you will see who it is in Episode 2.”


“Gotham” returns on September 19, at 8/7c, on FOX.

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