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TVLine revealed some spoilers about Selina Kyle’s future in tonight’s season 2 finale, which could also pave the way for season 3.

Question: I’m a huge “Gotham” fan and my favorite character is Selina Kyle. I would love to see her get her own arc next season and more screen time. Any idea if this might happen?? —Z.M.
Ausiello: I don’t know about Selina getting her own arc, but Matt Mitovich says that the final image from tonight’s Season 2 finale in part hints at possibly interesting times ahead for Bruce Wayne’s No. 1 gal. BONUS SPOILERS: Looking ahead to Season 3, a trio of new roles are being cast, each possibly marking the arrival of another DC Comics character. The series regulars being added include a villain who “learns people’s secrets and manipulates them to do his bidding” (which sounds like the previously rumored arrival of The Mad Hatter) and a young villainess “who uses her sexuality to entrap men” (a la Joan Collins’ Siren on the 1960s Batman series?). There’s also the recurring role of an ambitious young journalist named “Valerie” — which we’d like to think is casting-call code for Vicki Vale, though her late-20s age range makes her markedly older than Master Bruce.

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