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“Gotham” executive producer John Stephens talked to CBR News prior to the season 2 finale, and here’s what he had to say about Bruce’s evolution in seasons 2 and 3:

Hugo Strange refers to his employers as “masters.” Who are the Court of Owls, and how much are we going to learn about them in the finale?
The Court of Owls is like an Illuminati. They are a shadowy group of powerful people who have controlled Gotham for centuries. They might, or might not, be behind the Wayne murders. They have financed and directed Indian Hill and Hugo Strange’s research. We will not learn all that much about them in the finale, save for the fact they are the people behind Hugo Strange and are most likely the culprits behind Martha and Thomas Wayne’s murders. Bruce will learn of their existence, but not necessarily their name. That will obviously push him forward.


Bruce and Lucius are currently being tortured by Nygma – what does that mean for these three characters?
What we gain from that is all three are intellectual, especially Lucius and Nygma. Also, we as an audience have a great deal of affection for Nygma. In having watched his development from quirky forensic guy past two seasons, I hope when you are watching it, even though you are pulling for Bruce, that your sympathies are a bit divided because there’s a great deal of affection for Nygma.


Speaking of character growth, Bruce Wayne isn’t the same teen audiences met in Season 1. How far along the path is he to becoming Batman?
He has a long way to go. Our thinking is that, in every season, we’re going to start trying to add another piece of the Batman jigsaw puzzle. For instance, in Season 3, we’ll be adding another huge piece of the puzzle that will go into being Batman. He still has a long way to go – physically, emotionally and intellectually – in all those different facets.

When you saw episode 10 this year, where he and Selina ran a con on Silver St. Cloud and he appeared to be one thing over another – you saw him really step forward and be a different person than he had been before. To me, that was a big step forward to him becoming Batman.

About tonight’s finale, Stephens added:

A lot more of these creatures are going to come out of Indian Hill, who are going to lay the groundwork for a lot of the future Batman villains. In the very last scene of the episode, we’re going to see a twist which is going to up the ante for everything in Season 3. I would definitely wait around for the very last scene – that’s when the biggest reveal of the episode happens.

Source: CBR News via Ben McKenzie News

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