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Now that Bruce knows the identity of his parents’ murderer and is determined to kill him, what should we expect next on “Gotham”?

While talking to Variety, Ben McKenzie hinted at how the end of season 2 will bring characters together, including Bruce and Hugo Strange:

By the end of “A Dead Man Feels No Cold,” Jim believes Mr. Freeze is dead, but the audience knows that he’s just the latest addition to Indian Hill, and Hugo Strange is the puppetmaster pulling everyone’s strings. Will that storyline be a slower burn for the next few episodes, until we get closer to the end of the season?

I think the discerning audience member can realize that we’re heading in a direction where something’s going to have to give. Strange has been able to conduct his experiments pretty much in the dark — no one is really aware of it outside of himself and Ms. Peabody, and the monsters he’s creating are quite vicious, and you’ll see more of that as the season wears on. So eventually our hero is going to have to be aware of it, and I can’t give it away, but it will all make sense… I think the writers really have a wonderful way of bringing it all together at the end of the season, not just Strange and Gordon, but Strange, Gordon, and Bruce Wayne.

Ben also confirmed that Jim and Bruce will reunite in the second half of the season:

We’re currently seeing Bruce (David Mazouz) and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) tracking Malone independent of the GCPD, and Jim obviously has a few other pressing concerns on his plate in addition to solving the Wayne murders – when can we expect those storylines to intersect again?

This season for sure. We have not forgotten about it at all; it’s something that we felt we needed to give some space too, so that we could track Jim’s journey individually, as well as Bruce’s with Alfred, with the cave and all this stuff, but they will intersect again, and they’ll intersect in a fundamental way that really drives the season forward.

“Gotham” executive producer John Stephens told Nerdist how Bruce’s search for the murderer will impact not only him, but other characters:

The mystery of the Wayne murders is not over. It’s going to be an ongoing mystery as [Bruce] pushes forward and he starts to understand in a real way what an empty road vengeance is. He is going to be looking for other answers and other avenues going forward, which will lead him to really interesting places. It will impact all of our characters, Bruce and Alfred [Sean Pertwee] and Gordon [Ben McKenzie] especially.

Don’t miss “This Ball of Mud and Meanness”, where Bruce confronts his parents’ killer, Monday, March 14, on FOX.

Sources: Variety and Nerdist via Ben McKenzie News

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