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“Gotham” executive producer and writer John Stephens talked at length to TVOvermind about the second half of “Gotham” season 2. You can click here to read the whole interview, or read some excerpts below:

About Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon’s relationship:

TVO: One of the great relationships on this show is obviously the dynamic between Bruce and Gordon that you guys have done such a great job with. They have been going back and forth a lot this season so far, but seem to be back on a steadier path now. What can viewers look forward to see in between those two?

Stephens: I think the thing you will find in that is, since Gordon is serving as a father figure for Bruce and you know, Bruce is growing up and like any teenager, they are going to grow up, they are going to push boundaries and search for their independence. As any father-son relationship, Bruce and Gordon are going to go through that, but the way Bruce is going to be pushing is by putting himself in danger and Gordon is going to have to react against. You are going to see Bruce strive for more and more independence and pushing against the way that Gordon is going to be steering him towards safety.

About Indian Hill:

TVO: You have been building up Indian Hill, with the inclusion of Hugo Strange and with all of that, is Indian Hill basically going to serve as the new big bad for the second half? You have setup a lot of big baddies out with Tabitha still being out there, Butch is now at a higher rank, you got Strange so how are all of those elements going to come together in terms of Indian Hill?

Stephens: Indian Hill will definitely serve as a focal point in the second half of the season; it’s going to be where all of our characters are eventually headed and where most of our mysteries will be solved by the end of the year. It will be the true north that’s going to guide everybody.

About the Waynes’ murderer:

TVO: Bruce finally found a new big clue to the mystery of who killed his parents with “M. Malone” as in Matches Malone [who will be played by “Breaking Bad’s” Michael Bowen] – can you talk a little about his role when he comes in and is this season, supposedly, going to be the year where you wrap up the Wayne murder mystery or might it go on?

Stephens: We are going to pursue it and we are going to peel back a bit of the mystery of his parents’ death. We are definitely going down that road.

Back in January, TV Guide revealed that


Bruce would indeed find out the identity of his parents’ killer in the second half of the season, according to Bruno Heller, the show’s creator.


Sources: TVOvermind via ireland83 and TV Guide via Ben McKenzie News

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