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Executive producer and show creator Bruno Heller talked to TVLine about the fall finale of “Gotham” and what is to come in the second half of the season. Here’s what he had to say about Bruce’s quest to find his parents’ killer, and about the young members of the cast:

TVLINE | Now that Bruce is no longer being sought for sacrificial slaughter, and his father’s hard drive is fixed, will he delve back into the Wayne Enterprises mystery?
Yes, he does. In the back end of the season, there’s going to be no vamping, no promised revelations that do not occur. We’re going to get to Indian Hill. Horrendous, huge, spectacular, dramatic things are going to happen. Bruce is going to get to the very heart of the mystery of who killed his parents, and there are amazing scenes coming up. One of the beautiful things that we’ve been watching over the last couple of seasons is David Mazouz growing up with such gravitas and dignity, but with all of his open, honest acting skills intact. You saw the stuff he was doing with Silver in [the fall finale], he has some weight on him. As a young actor, every day he surprises me how great he is.

TVLINE | Your whole young cast there is very solid. David, Natalie [Alyn Lind], Camren [Bicondova]… I was very impressed with what they did in these past few episodes.
Because they work together, it really helps all of them. It only takes one of those “cheesy teenage individuals” in an ensemble to bring everyone down to that level, but they’re all so great it brings everyone up.

Source: TVLine via ireland83

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