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The episodes FOX screened for us were heavy on the ever-changing relationship between Alfred and Bruce: servant and young master, father and son, protégé and mentor, and the on-screen chemistry between the two. Mr. Mazouz’s depth is surprising for an actor three years away from legally buying an R-rated movie ticket.

“It’s second nature at this point, working with David. He’s one of the most efficient, focused actors—not just young actors—that I’ve ever worked with,” Mr. Pertwee said. “He can turn so dark in an instant. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

It was comforting to turn from my conversation with Mr. Pertwee to almost immediately see Mr. Mazouz in a playful fistfight with his equally youthful co-star Camren Bicondova. Batman and Catwoman, forever locked in conflict.

Our parting gift was a disk containing the third episode of “Gotham”‘s second season. “Tease it. Tease the hell out of it,” Mr. McKenzie told us all, before we exited back into the still-pouring rain.

So that’s exactly what I’ll do here. Episode three contains a game-changing finale that drastically alters the course of “Gotham”‘s second season and somehow satisfyingly ties into the grander Batman mythos overall.

Source: Observer.com

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