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Selina is caught between “hero” and “villain”

When we last saw Selina (Camren Bicondova), she had joined up with Fish’s gang despite her allegiances to Bruce and Jim. Her struggle to define herself as “hero” or “villain” will continue in season 2. As Bicondova put it: “There are definitely going to be some ups and downs because, you know, Selina, within season 2, she’s going to be struggling to figure out where she fits in — whether its [with] the good guys or bad guys. She’ll be struggling because she knows the difference between right and wrong. It’s just a different perspective — especially a different perspective from Bruce.

So, within season 2, we’re going to be seeing the tug-of-war between not only her with good and evil, but between her and Bruce because he doesn’t agree with everything she does or believes… Opposites attract, but there’s some conflict that comes with that.”

Bicondova also teased that we would see a slightly less “guarded” version of Selina in season 2, elaborating: “Last season, she was more observant and she was more incognito… Now, we’re kind of breaking down that wall and I’m getting to feel some things I haven’t felt before, which is amazing.”

Source: Den of Geek

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