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David Mazouz and Camren Bicondova are Batman and Catwoman for a new generation. Not just in the timing of their current roles in “Gotham”, but also in age — she’s 16, and he’s 14.

To put that in context, both actors were just glints in their parents’ eyes when George Clooney played the caped crusader in the 1997 film “Batman & Robin”.

As the Fox’s prequel series heads into its second season, Mazouz and Bicondova spoke about what’s ahead for their characters, their favourite Batman and Catwoman actors and the surreal experience of seeing themselves as action-figure toys.

Q: Fans love the interplay between your characters — especially that onscreen kiss last season. How would you describe their relationship?

Mazouz: They have a very rare relationship. I think they’re very different people with very different goals. But at the same time, for some reason, they like each other. There’s a connection between them.

Bicondova: It’s a good relationship for both of them, but neither of them really know if it’s good to be in the relationship.

Q: What can you tell us about Season 2?

Bicondova: For Selina (Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman), I do know that we’re going to be exploring her backstory a lot more in Season 2, and she’s going to be figuring out where she stands in the criminal world, especially after being part of Fish Mooney’s entourage, as I like to say.

Mazouz: And for Bruce (Wayne, a.k.a. Batman), he’s really going to delve, even more, into his father’s secret life.

Q: What’s been your favourite action sequence to film so far?

Mazouz: I’ve only had a couple, but I think mine was going over to Tommy Elliot and punching him with the watch. It was fun.

Bicondova: I like all the stunts that they’ve allowed me to do, but I would say the one from Episode 10, where we’re trapped in that big room and I got to go on top of the scaffolding. Everybody was scared that I’d fall off because I was jumping on it, but I was harnessed so it was OK.

Q: A lot of other actors have played Batman and Catwoman — who’s been your favourite?

Mazouz: For Batman, I think Val Kilmer. I just really like Val Kilmer, but not too many people talk about Val Kilmer.

Bicondova: I love Julie Newmar’s take. She was the first, and I feel that the first should get some credit because a lot of the more recent portrayals are fresh in people’s minds. Julie Newmar kind of took the comedy and twisted it in her own way in the Adam West show.

Q: Which piece of Batman merchandise would you most like to see your faces on?

Mazouz: I’d like to have an action figure of myself.

Bicondova: I’m excited because I got an action figure, and they sold them at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Q: It must’ve been weird to hold a small version of yourself.

Bicondova: It was weird. I had to stand in a pose for like five minutes straight while somebody scanned me with this laser tool, so it’s like a mini-me. It looks exactly like me, except it’s not.

Source: Canada.com

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