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Sean Pertwee, “Gotham”‘s Alfred Pennyworth, said the new episodes “rip along” and push together into longer story arcs. “I think it feels like there are less pages to the scripts but more going on,” Pertwee said. The Brit said in his native slang that the first season was “banderjacked” by excessive breaks, causing the flow of the story to get a bit lost. “We won’t have that extra break, that March Madness thing. We’re just going 11, break, then the other 11,” he revealed.


Lucius Fox only made a brief appearance in season 1, though it was a pivotal one, and he’s back in season 2 to help Bruce along the way in discovering his father Thomas Wayne’s hidden past. Chalk praised the directorial and writing staff, who are “almost the entire same” group for letting themselves “learn as they go.” He said they “learned something” from season 1’s procedural nature, and what worked better with characterization, and “they’re making it happen for season 2.”

For the show’s eventual Batman, David Mazouz, the season brings probably the most change. His stable of confidants increases, but he also has to deal with some surprisingly dark – and some surprisingly normal – moments for a teenage boy. Mazouz said that he’s ready for it, and really enjoying the new storytelling he’s seeing in the scripts and on set.

“Everything feels different with season 2. We really got our groove. There’s a whole new sense of confidence, from the writers and for me,” Mazouz said. “We know what we are doing [now]; we had that year under our belt to figure out what worked, what didn’t work, what we liked. We know what we’re doing.”

Source: ComicBook.com via Ben McKenzie News

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