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Executive producer Bruno Heller talked to Nerdist about the evolution of some characters in the second season of “Gotham”, including Bruce Wayne:

While Barbara has found a new home with the Maniax crew, young Bruce has a renewed sense of purpose in continuing his father’s work and figuring out what Wayne Enterprises is up to. But boys will be boys!

“Amongst other things, he’s also going to find young love,” Heller says. “But he’s also going to find out things about his family and Wayne Enterprises that will surprise not just him but the audience as well. Last season, he was very much a boy. This season, he’s becoming a young man. With that maturity comes doubts and turmoil. Leading to the creation of this iconic figure, the growth of that kind of character is never a straight line upwards.”

Heller reveals that Bruce’s storyline won’t be what viewers are expecting.

“What is surprising is how conflicted and ambivalent and dangerous the decisions he’s making are this season,” Heller says. “As much as he’s the strong, brilliant Bruce Wayne, he’s also just a kid. He’s going through adolescence, and every day of adolescence is a new experience, a new challenge. It’s a strange thing to say about a young man, but David is just bringing such wonderful profundity and soul to this. People are going to be blown away by his performance this season. It’s really great stuff.”

Source: Nerdist via Ben McKenzie News

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