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Executive producer Danny Cannon talked to Collider about the second season of “Gotham” and revealed what’s to come for Bruce Wayne and how the discovery of his father’s secret office will affect his future.

When we last saw Bruce Wayne, he and Alfred were about to venture down the stairs to see what Bruce’s father left there. How will what they find affect them?

CANNON: We’ve never seen this aspect of Bruce Wayne before, but whatever he does find, he’ll have a choice to protect himself and walk an honest path in the daylight, or he’s going to have to walk in the darkness and face the secrets that his father was keeping, for which he was killed. And once Pandora’s box is opened, Bruce will never be safe again.

Bruce and Alfred were at odds quite a bit, in the first season. Will they be getting closer now?

CANNON: I think both Gordon and Alfred have found themselves fathers to somebody they never expected to be a father to, and like with every teenage boy, they’re going to go through some tumultuous times. I think Bruce Wayne probably has the biggest arc of this season, in that, in choosing to walk the dangerous path because of his true calling, he will not only need protection from the villains, but protection from himself. There’s a recklessness in him that we haven’t seen yet, and once Pandora’s box is opened, things get very complicated and dangerous.

He also explains that we’ll learn more about Selina Kyle’s past, which will make us understand her character more.

There were some big shifts for some of the characters, by the end of Season 1, including Ed Nygma, Selina Kyle and Barbara Kean. In Season 2, will they continue down that dark path that they started on?

CANNON: Selina, for example, is somebody that we’re going to investigate her backstory, and we’re also going to watch one of her friends walk a darker path. In order to see somebody really have an internal fight about the light and the darkness, it’s good to see it through other characters also. When we learn her origin story and what that’s done to her, we’ll understand her a lot more. Sure, she could go either way. The great thing about these origin stories is that, no matter how bad it gets for Nygma, for example, and the demons he’s facing, because you know that origin story and you know where that pain and darkness comes from, you always root for him. That’s the genius of these characters and why they’ve survived for so long.

Source: Collider via Ben McKenzie News

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