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TVLine posted some information about upcoming seasons of TV shows, including “Gotham”, and here is what David Mazouz has to say regarding the investigation of Bruce’s parents’ murder:

Now that we’re in Season 2, will “Gotham” still keep up the Thomas and Martha Wayne investigation, or will the show move on from that? – Sofia
I hand-delivered your question to Bruce Wayne’s portrayer, David Mazouz, who said that the series-launching murder mystery “will be an ongoing thing” throughout “Gotham”‘s run. “Gordon’s not really looking into it that much anymore, but Bruce is,” the teen said. “The Top 3 things that are on Bruce’s list are: take down the corrupt side of Wayne Enterprises, find out who his father really was, and find out his parents’ murderer. And they’re all connected.”

Source: TVLine via Ben McKenzie News

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