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After yesterday’s big reveal in the “Gotham” season one finale, Bruno Heller talked to Deadline about the second season of the show, mentionning the Batcave and what Bruce will discover about his parents:

As villains come into their own in Season 2, tonight’s episode also opened the door on a passageway down to a dark, damp cellar; one which young Bruce Wayne is certain to enter, accessed via a bookcase in his family mansion’s library. It’s arguably the Bat Cave. “In the writers’ room we’re calling it his Dad’s office,” specifies Heller. In terms of how this discovery will impact young Wayne next season, Heller continues, “he’ll learn that his parents are more complicated than he imagined. When you’re a young kid, parents tend to be either heroes or villains; mostly heroes. It’s hard to imagine just before Bruce’s age when your parents can do no wrong. You can’t imagine them having secret lives. Bruce will learn that his father was a complex, tortured person, but also heroic. His father was leading a double life and this leads to the creation of an alter ego. It’s hard for anyone to present the fullness of themselves to the general public. If you have dark secrets to keep, you have to create an alter ego. That is the essence of what the Batcave means.”

What’s more, we now have a precise date for the beginning of production on the second season!

At the “Gotham” Awardsline screening last week, Heller and his EPs John Stephens and Danny Cannon, who directed tonight’s episode, told Deadline that they began working on Season 2’s story line exactly a week ago. Production starts on June 22 at the Brooklyn Navy Yards, the same production locale for HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”.

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