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Two new HQ stills from the first episode of season 2 of “Gotham”, “Damned If You Do”, have been added to the gallery, thanks to Gotham Site. Click the thumbnails and link below to see them in high resolution!

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Episode Stills > Season 2 > 2×01 – Damned If You Do

David Mazouz was on Good Day LA earlier today, to talk about the second season of “Gotham”. Watch his interview below, which also includes a clip from the first episode of the season!

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Public Appearances > 2015 > Good Day LA – August 31
Social Media > Cast and Crew Accounts > 2015

David Mazouz was interviewed by Den of Geek about the evolution of Bruce and his relationships with other characters in the upcoming season of “Gotham”. You can read what he had to say below!

We visited the set of “Gotham” season 2 and spoke with David Mazouz about Bruce Wayne, the batcave, love triangles, and more!

Den of Geek visited the “Gotham” set last week, and got a look at some of the behind-the-scenes happenings for “Gotham” season 2. While there, we had the chance to catch up with David Mazouz (aka Bruce Wayne) who gave us some insight into what Bruce will be up to in the comic book TV show’s sophomore season.

On the discovery of the maybe-bat cave:

“That discovery, what he finds at the bottom of those stairs, it’s going to change the course of his whole life entirely and every aspect of his life, along with it. It’s going to change his relationship with Alfred, the way he sees Alfred, the way he sees his parents, the way he sees himself, really, because he identified with his parents. And he’s gonna learn a lot about his dad. He’s gonna learn a lot about Wayne Enterprises. And it will bring him a lot closer to finding out who killed his parents.”

On Bruce and Alfred:

“Alfred and Bruce have gone through some struggles in the past and they will go through some more in season 2, but — once they get past them — they’re really going to start to be on the same team. With Alfred, you’ve had a father/son relationship, you’ve had a mentor/student relationship. You’ve had a butler/master relationship. At the end of season 2, you’re really going to see the mentor/student relationship take off. They’re gonna train. They’re gonna get to work. They’re gonna take down Wayne Enterprises. This is happening.”

On Bruce and Gordon:

“[Bruce and Gordon have] never been closer. They’re more than detective and victim. That’s kind of was what it was in the beginning, it was business. They met because I’m trying to find out who killed Bruce’s parents, but, in the beginning of season 2, you’re going to see… they’re friends now. They care about one another.”

On Bruce and new villain Theo Galavan:

“Theo Galavan and Bruce have a relationship. Whether it’s a healthy one, I don’t know. Galavan needs Bruce for a very specific reason in part of his master plan. And Bruce is unsuspecting, at first. But Galavan does something for Bruce that he’s very thankful for so Bruce will slowly start to fall into Galavan’s trap.”

On Bruce, Selina, and new girl Silver St. Cloud:

“[Bruce and Selina are] still friends. They still know each other, but, at the beginning of season 2, when they meet, Selina kind of isn’t very nice to Bruce. And, so, when Bruce meets Silver — Silver St. Cloud through Theo Galavan — and then Selina comes back into the picture, Bruce kind of doesn’t need her anymore. She was mean to me. I have Silver now. Then it becomes a very interesting dynamic between the three. It becomes a very interesting triangle.”

On developing Bruce’s “playboy persona”:

“There’s two main parts to Bruce’s life right now. He had his Operation Good Guys side. The cave falls under that. Alfred falls under that. Lucius Fox falls under that. Training falls under that. Taking down Wayne Enterprises is there. And then he has his I Met A Girl side. And that’s Silver, that’s his social life. Developing the playboy attitude is still in the Operation Good Guys part. It’s Alfred teaching him and Bruce learning that Gotham is a game. If you wanna get somewhere in Gotham, there’s a game you have to play. It’s a game of manipulation. It’s a game of corruption. And it’s a game that Bruce has to learn.”

On developing Batman-like abilities:

“[Q: Are we going to see Bruce develop some Batman-like skills in maybe fighting and maybe technology?]

Definitely. All of that. Training is one the rise, especially in the second half of the season.”

On Bruce and Lucius Fox:

“That Operation Good Guys side, that’s going to turn into his Batman side… At the beginning, it’s only Batman and Lucius, and so those are the only two people that know about the cave and it’s going to stay that way. Lucius is definitely gonna help him on his path.

I think, as of now, Bruce doesn’t really see Lucius as a mentor, but more as a partner and a friend and as someone who can help him.”

On what he wants for Bruce in season 2:

“I really want Bruce to interact with some more characters. [Q: Any in particular?] Penguin and Riddler. I’m dying for Bruce to meet them.

Also, I really want Bruce to meet a friend. Someone his age who’s a boy. Just somebody he can talk to. He doesn’t really have a lot of friends his age besides girls that are trying to manipulate him.”

Source: Den of Geek via Ben McKenzie News

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The first promotional pictures of Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) from the second season of “Gotham” were just revealed by Spoiler TV! Click the thumbnails and links below to see them in high resolution in the gallery.

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Promotional Pictures > Season 2 > Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz)
Promotional Pictures > Season 2 > Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova)

Source: Spoiler TV

Edit: I’ve replaced the pictures into untagged ones, thanks to Batman News.

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David Mazouz talked with Comic Book Resources about the transformation of Bruce Wayne in the second season of “Gotham” and the evolution of his character’s relationship with Selina Kyle. Read the interview below!

As a crime drama set in the pre-Batman era, Fox’s “Gotham” spent much of its first season laying the groundwork for the young Bruce Wayne to eventually create his caped alter-ego. The show has depicted the murder of Bruce’s parents, the corruption of Gotham and the GCPD, the rise of numerous larger-than-life villains and the arrival of a number of father figures that will ignite Bruce’s heroic spirit. One development that could speed up Bruce’s costumed destiny occurred in the season one finale when he discovered his father’s secret lair, a room many viewers speculate will ultimately serve as the famous Batcave.

Fourteen-year-old actor David Mazouz, who plays Bruce Wayne, spoke with the press during roundtable interviews at Comic-Con International in San Diego about his character’s journey in season two, the introduction of Chris Chalk as Lucius Fox, potential conflict with Camren Bicondova’s Selina Kyle and adopting Batman’s distinct voice. Mazouz also opened up about teaming up with Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and forging that iconic bond with Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee).

CBR News: How did finding that secret room in the season one finale push Bruce towards becoming Batman?

David Mazouz: Finding that room, that very last scene in the season finale, is going to be a turning point. It’s going to change everything in Bruce’s life. It’s going to turn the page to a different chapter in every aspect of his life into becoming Batman. What I mean, for example, is the Bruce and Alfred relationship. In season one, they were butting heads a lot. They were constantly disagreeing about things. In season two, because of that cave, they are going to go through a really rocky patch at the beginning. Once they get through it, they are really going to start becoming a team, like the Alfred/Batman relationship when they are older. They are really going to start becoming a team.

Lucius Fox is going to come to the show, which I’m super excited about. Chris Chalk is hilarious and a really fun guy to be around. Season two is really going to be the transformation of Bruce Wayne to Batman. Last year, Bruce Wayne was grieving. He was determined, but he was just determined to find out what happened to his parents. He was determined to know who his dad was and what Wayne Enterprises was, but he wasn’t Batman. In Season two, Bruce is going to be Batman. His transformation is going to be huge in season two. I’m so stoked.

What exactly will Bruce be doing that viewers will potentially recognize as “Batman moments”?

There are multiple things. When Batman is Batman, he has his Batman persona and his detective persona and he has his public persona, his party boy, playboy persona to make the public think there’s no way Bruce Wayne could be Batman. In Season two, Bruce Wayne is going to be developing that second persona. That’s one way.

Another way in Season two is you are going to start to see the villains shift from a mobster-type of villain hierarchy to a super-villain hierarchy. Those are the villains who are going to be taking over. Penguin is at the threshold right now, but he’s going to meet people that are ten times worse. Since the villain threat is going to be so immense, and there’s so few of us [good guys] on the show, we’re really going to have to team up. So you are going to see Gordon and Bruce together a lot more. Because of that, Bruce is going to get out more. I think last year I only worked with three of the series regulars and there’s fifteen of them. I’m really excited for Season two. Gordon is going to start that mentorship that we talked about this whole time. They are going to become closer and, because of that relationship, Bruce is going to start becoming more involved in the crime world.

In becoming Batman, how is that going to affect Bruce’s relationship with Selina?

It will change it. I don’t really know too much about that. I know Bruce doesn’t really know what she’s been up to. And if he did, he would disprove. When she killed Reggie, he stopped talking to her for a little bit. Kinda. He needed her after that. If he had a choice, he would stop talking to her for a little bit. Bruce and Selena have a certain chemistry that is unbreakable. For some reason, they both like each other. Whether that’s in a brother/sister way, a friend way or a romantic way, there’s something between them that’s never going to change. They might go through rocky patches – I know that some of that is going to happen this season – but they are always going to end up back together somehow.

Will Bruce practice his Batman voice this season?

No, my voice has to get a little deeper before that. [laughs]

Source: Comic Book Resources via Ben McKenzie News

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Executive producer Danny Cannon talked to Collider about the second season of “Gotham” and revealed what’s to come for Bruce Wayne and how the discovery of his father’s secret office will affect his future.

When we last saw Bruce Wayne, he and Alfred were about to venture down the stairs to see what Bruce’s father left there. How will what they find affect them?

CANNON: We’ve never seen this aspect of Bruce Wayne before, but whatever he does find, he’ll have a choice to protect himself and walk an honest path in the daylight, or he’s going to have to walk in the darkness and face the secrets that his father was keeping, for which he was killed. And once Pandora’s box is opened, Bruce will never be safe again.

Bruce and Alfred were at odds quite a bit, in the first season. Will they be getting closer now?

CANNON: I think both Gordon and Alfred have found themselves fathers to somebody they never expected to be a father to, and like with every teenage boy, they’re going to go through some tumultuous times. I think Bruce Wayne probably has the biggest arc of this season, in that, in choosing to walk the dangerous path because of his true calling, he will not only need protection from the villains, but protection from himself. There’s a recklessness in him that we haven’t seen yet, and once Pandora’s box is opened, things get very complicated and dangerous.

He also explains that we’ll learn more about Selina Kyle’s past, which will make us understand her character more.

There were some big shifts for some of the characters, by the end of Season 1, including Ed Nygma, Selina Kyle and Barbara Kean. In Season 2, will they continue down that dark path that they started on?

CANNON: Selina, for example, is somebody that we’re going to investigate her backstory, and we’re also going to watch one of her friends walk a darker path. In order to see somebody really have an internal fight about the light and the darkness, it’s good to see it through other characters also. When we learn her origin story and what that’s done to her, we’ll understand her a lot more. Sure, she could go either way. The great thing about these origin stories is that, no matter how bad it gets for Nygma, for example, and the demons he’s facing, because you know that origin story and you know where that pain and darkness comes from, you always root for him. That’s the genius of these characters and why they’ve survived for so long.

Source: Collider via Ben McKenzie News

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Camren Bicondova was interviewed on the set of “Gotham” by ComicBook.com and talked about her portrayal of Selina Kyle and getting to interact with new characters. Read the article below!

Even as a child, Selina Kyle is cunning, sly, and often nefarious. You can see that in her incarnation on “Gotham”, as played by 16 year-old Camren Bicondova. Bicondova was a young dancer before she was cast in the role of the future Catwoman, accomplished in one field and ready to jump into the new challenge of acting. And like a true professional, she incorporates the skills from her past performing into her new art.

“Definitely my body movements, for sure,” Bicondova told ComicBook.com during a “Gotham” set visit, where she was filming episodes for the second season of Fox’s Batman prequel series. “I’m very comfortable with how I move in my body, so I know what works for me and what doesn’t.”

She uses that skill of movement to slink around like a cat sometimes, or at least she “hopes it works out” when she tries to. She also gives credit to her dancing past (and present – she’s still dancing alongside her new acting career) for giving her “the ability to do some stunts” on the show.

Of course, when you sit down to chat with the young actress, cunning, sly, and nefarious aren’t the adjectives that come to mind. A wide smile is often plastered to her face, and her laughter is contagious. Others on “Gotham”‘s set comment on how frequently she makes them smile or join in on the chuckles. Bicondova says she “doesn’t even know” how she gets into Selina’s head space. “She’s my alter ego, really. It’s fun, because I get to do things that I don’t normally do as a person!”

Nearly everything she says is followed by a laugh that’s one part nervousness and one part genuine mirth. This is simply a happy girl who hasn’t let her sudden fame go to her head. In fact, she readily addresses the feelings she had when she first came on set – and that it’s cooled down a bit.

“Filming wise, I’m not quite as nervous!” Bicondova says, with that trademark laugh, when asked what has changed for her since the first season. “I’m definitely more calm going on set.”

Of course, that’s not the only change. As Selina Kyle, like the other young star David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne, gets to interact and learn with a far more varied section of the cast this season than the first.

“It’s really exciting getting to actually interact with people, because Selina is usually on her own, doing her own thing,” Bicondova said of working with more characters directly on set. We saw a scene with Butch and newcomer Bridget, “who eventually becomes Firefly,” she said, calling actress Michelle Veintimilla “amazing.” While she couldn’t talk much about other people, Bicondova said that it’s “really fun getting to interact with the ‘Gotham’ family!”

The added interactions also let her stretch as an actress; an opportunity she’s excited about.

“You get to feel different things when you’re acting with people, versus when you’re on your own. I’m getting to dig deep into these emotions that I’ve never felt while playing Selina Kyle,” she said. “I’m usually just observing or in the shadows. So it’s really interesting getting to do that now.”

That spirit of observation is something Selina and Camren have in common, as the actress absorbs everything around her while on set. She also takes her new experiences into the new season’s solo scenes, with “all these new emotions that I can use,” she said.

While Bicondova laughs and dodges her way through plot-based questions like a pro, she was able to turn on the Selina attitude at the drop of a hat. “How’s that?” she asks after her picture is taken, brandishing the smile could disarm even the toughest of Gotham’s baddies.

Source: ComicBook.com

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