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Bruno Heller has been promoting the return of “Gotham” and gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter, where he talks about how impressed he was with David Mazouz, and what is to come for Bruce and Selina:

What’s been particularly surprising from working on the show so far? Was there a performance or character that you saw in the pilot and thought, “We should do more of that?”
I would also say that, initially, we didn’t intend to use Bruce Wayne quite as much, because with child actors you always want to be defensive, but David Mazouz is as good an actor as I’ve ever seen — child or adult. It’s rare that you can write dramatic scenes and be confident that they’ll deliver, and with David, he always does, and he can do more and more. We’ve definitely written to him more than we would have otherwise.

David’s been surprisingly enjoyable to watch, especially when he shares the screen with Camren Bicondova’s Selina Kyle. After the way the two parted in the last episode, will we see the two of them together again any time soon?
Absolutely. Their relationship grows, develops and changes; they have their ups and downs. They have such a wonderful contrast to each other. Camren is full of such wonderful light and energy, and has this cocky arrogance about her. She’s incredibly compelling to watch. David is thoughtful, interior, intense and passionate, and the two of them together — you could make a great movie just with the two of them.

What kind of teases can you drop about the back half of the first season?
[…] Selina Kyle’s going to do something incredibly shocking […]. One of the things about the second half of the season is that all the story we’ve set up so far comes to fruition. Some people come to an end, other people are triumphant. […] But I guarantee that, if you liked the first half of the season, you’ll love the second half.

“Gotham” is back tonight, at 8/7c, on Fox.

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Bruno Heller, “Gotham”‘s developer, talked to Speakeasy about what is to come in the second part of the first season of the show, and also comments on the best elements of the first half of the season, including Camren Bicondova and David Mazouz’s acting skills:

Performances that helped convince the writers to play up certain characters more than planned:
The child actors, partcularly Camren Bicondova (Selina Kyle) and Mazouz, have also done well, in the writer-producer’s opinion. “With both of those two it’s just been a joy to see real, natural, great acting, and so we’ve used both of those guys more than we would have done otherwise.”

And there is more to come when “Gotham” comes back this Monday, with a brand new episode!

Happy new year, everyone!

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Donal Logue, who plays detective Harvey Bullock in “Gotham”, spoke to Collider about his recent roles and his work on “Gotham”. He was asked about working with David Mazouz, whom he praises:

Collider: What’s it like to have David Mazouz, at the center of all of this?
LOGUE: He reminds us all of what we’re supposed to be doing, which is to pretend really hard that the stakes are the real stakes. He’s amazing. I love David. It’s great to see Sean [Pertwee] cut loose a little bit, too. We have a great group of people. Everybody in the cast is great.

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