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The synopsis for the penultimate episode of “Gotham” season 5 has been released and is available below:

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Shane West Guest-Stars

As Bane (guest star Shane West) enacts his final plan for Gotham’s destruction, Gordon rallies his former enemies to save the city. Meanwhile, Nyssa al Ghul (guest star Jaime Murray) kidnaps Barbara’s newborn daughter, with ambitions to raise her as her own. Then, Bruce’s decision to leave Gotham points him to his destiny, while devastating Selina in the all-new “They Did What?” episode of GOTHAM airing Thursday, April 18 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-509) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon, Donal Logue as Detective Harvey Bullock, Morena Baccarin as Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth, Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, Erin Richards as Barbara Kean, David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle/the future Catwoman, Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma/The Riddler, Chris Chalk as Lucius Fox

Guest Cast: Shane West as Eduardo Durrance / Bane, Jaime Murray as Nyssa al Ghul, David Carranza as Angel Vallelunga, Kelcy Griffin as Detective Harper, John Bedford Lloyd as General Wade, JW Cortes as Detective Alvarez, Ann Harada as Mayor

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Camren Bicondova took to Twitter today to answer fan questions. Her answers related to “Gotham” have been compiled in a video, which is available below:

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A new trailer for next week’s episode of “Gotham” has been released today, focusing on Bane, played by Shane West. We do get a glimpse at scenes with Selina and Bruce (starting at 2:47). Watch the video below:

“I Am Bane” airs on March 21, at 8/7c, on FOX.

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TVLine released a sneak peek from tonight’s episode of “Gotham”, with Bruce and Selina. You can watch the video below:

“The Trial of Jim Gordon”, written by Ben McKenzie and directed by Erin Richards, airs tonight, at 8/7c, on FOX.

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TVLine answered a fan question about Bruce and Selina’s relationship in the remaining episodes of “Gotham”:

Question: Any details on what we can expect to see with regards to the BatCat relationship the rest of the season on Gotham? —BatJordan

Ausiello: When Matt Mitovich asked David Mazouz about Camren Bicondova’s ominous tease for the series finale — portending a split for Bruce and Selina — he affirmed, “They kind of had too close of a relationship at the beginning of this season to have the relationship that Batman and Catwoman need to have.” EP John Stephens puts the path ahead in slightly less rocky terms, saying that Bruce and Selina have “come through that element of ‘I hate you/I’m attracted to you, I hate you/I’m attracted to you’ to a different level of maturity than they had before.”

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Another sneak peek from tonight’s episode of “Gotham” has been released, this time by TVLine. You can watch it below:

Tune in tonight, at 8/7c, on FOX, for a new episode of “Gotham”.

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A HQ still from episode 9 of “Gotham” season 5 has been added to the gallery:

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Episode Stills > Season 5 > 5×09 – The Trial of Jim Gordon

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