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In an article posted by The Hollywood Reporter, Bruno Heller talks about the changes Selina Kyle went through in the season finale of “Gotham”, explaining that the character is still evolving:

Another character who underwent an unexpected change in the finale was Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), who went from street thief to gun-toting mole upon Fish’s reappearance. Heller explains that that doesn’t mean she’s turned evil exactly — more that she’s just a regular teenager. “Selina is one of those interesting ‘Gotham’ characters in that she’s ambiguous,” he says. “It’s still very much a story of a girl, not a woman, and teenagers try on different roles. She’s still a protean human being. We’re playing with that — she’s not going to become one thing or the other definitively until she’s a grown up.”

And if you wonder why we didn’t see Selina after she fled the scene whyle Oswald returned to confront Fish Mooney, here is the answer:

Fans might be wondering what happened to Butch or Selina after Oswald’s victory; Heller reveals that some moments in the finale were sacrificed for the greater good. “This world is so packed with incident and characters, it’s difficult to tell the story you want in the time frame you have,” says Heller. “There’s an element of an overstuffed suitcase with all of these episodes, because there’s so much to get in. You have to think of that as a virtue rather than a vice, because it’s better than vamping because you don’t have enough story to play with.”

As for the Batcave that briefly appeared in the finale, Bruno Heller prefers to call it “Bruce’s father’s office”, and reveals that it will play a big part in the next season:

Something that did make it in was that final scene of Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) discovering a hidden passageway in Wayne Manor. Is that… the Bat-Cave? Heller laughs when the question is asked. “It’s a fireplace that moves sideways and goes downstairs,” says Heller. “It’s not the Bat-Cave, because the Bat-Cave only comes into existence when Bruce Wayne decides to become Batman. Call it his father’s office.”

What is in that office, and what it means to Bruce, will form much of the first part of the show’s second season. (“It’s very much a visualization of one’s parents’ secret lives, their past, when you’re a kid that age,” says Heller. “When you’re so young, the idea that your father and mother had hopes and dreams and secrets of their own. That’s what that staircase leads to. Dark secrets.”)

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David Mazouz and “Gotham” executive producer John Stephens talked to Yahoo! TV about the evolution of Bruce Wayne in the second season of the show:

The discovery of the cave is the biggest Batman reveal of the season. Aside from the death of his parents and the moment where a flurry of bats convinces him to don a cape and cowl, the cave — where Bruce Wayne becomes the Dark Knight, and vice versa — is the most important piece of the puzzle.

So we have a Lucius Fox, and we have a cave… will we get to see a young Batboy swing into action next season? “I couldn’t be more looking forward to it,” says David Mazouz about engaging in some physical scenes, though he admits he doesn’t know what’s in store. Executive producer John Stephens hints, “I think there might be a little more than Season 1. [But] he’s not going to have a Batarang or anything.”

For Stephens, the cave represents both Bruce’s investigation into the death of his parents and his own development as a person. “Going into the Batcave is the first step in finding out who his father really was,” says Stephens, adding that it’s a “very physical, Jungian way of becoming a different person. In Season 2, Bruce will become a different person than he was in Season 1, and the journey into the Batcave helps to show that in a really objective way.”

After exploring the sleuthing side of his personality all season, Mazouz is excited to begin playing a new role — part of what Stephens calls their “fracturing of personalities” theme. “He’ll have his party boy personality, his public Bruce Wayne persona,” says Mazouz, whose cheery smile is a much better fit for a playboy than his current, dour onscreen persona. “And he’ll have his ‘trying to discover crime and detective stuff’ personality, which will ultimately become Batman.”

Camren Bicondova also shared her thoughts about Selina Kyle’s actions in the first season and what could happen to her in the next one:

Selina Kyle began the season as a thief and ended it as a murderer, killing a man who threatened to expose her and Bruce. But Camren Bicondova — a wicked bundle of energy who all but muscles Smith away for her chance to be interviewed — says it wasn’t a journey for her character: She’s always been that way. “She does anything that’s necessary if either [she] or anybody that she cares about is in danger,” says Bicondova, though she doesn’t think Bruce understands her reasons, which complicates their relationship.

And even though she appears to have embraced her criminal side more, Bicondova believes Selina’s core values haven’t changed: “She’s definitely the same survivor, yet kindhearted person. She’s just going into a different area in her life.” What about next season? Will Bruce be able to draw her to his side, or are there more bodies in her future? “Anything is possible with Selina. She goes off of her instinct, and with that? You never know.”

After yesterday’s big reveal in the “Gotham” season one finale, Bruno Heller talked to Deadline about the second season of the show, mentionning the Batcave and what Bruce will discover about his parents:

As villains come into their own in Season 2, tonight’s episode also opened the door on a passageway down to a dark, damp cellar; one which young Bruce Wayne is certain to enter, accessed via a bookcase in his family mansion’s library. It’s arguably the Bat Cave. “In the writers’ room we’re calling it his Dad’s office,” specifies Heller. In terms of how this discovery will impact young Wayne next season, Heller continues, “he’ll learn that his parents are more complicated than he imagined. When you’re a young kid, parents tend to be either heroes or villains; mostly heroes. It’s hard to imagine just before Bruce’s age when your parents can do no wrong. You can’t imagine them having secret lives. Bruce will learn that his father was a complex, tortured person, but also heroic. His father was leading a double life and this leads to the creation of an alter ego. It’s hard for anyone to present the fullness of themselves to the general public. If you have dark secrets to keep, you have to create an alter ego. That is the essence of what the Batcave means.”

What’s more, we now have a precise date for the beginning of production on the second season!

At the “Gotham” Awardsline screening last week, Heller and his EPs John Stephens and Danny Cannon, who directed tonight’s episode, told Deadline that they began working on Season 2’s story line exactly a week ago. Production starts on June 22 at the Brooklyn Navy Yards, the same production locale for HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”.

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Another new featurette for tonight’s season finale of “Gotham”, this time dedicated to Bruce Wayne and his father’s secrets!

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Danny Cannon, executive producer of “Gotham”, promoted the season finale in an interview with the New York Post, where he talks about what’s to come for Bruce Wayne at the end of the first season, but also in the second one:

While mayhem may rule the streets of “Gotham,” there is one oasis on the show: Wayne Manor, where young Bruce (David Mazouz), still withdrawn after the season-premiere death of his parents, is about to learn “the truth about his father’s secret identity,” Cannon says.

“Season 2 asks the question: What kind of man will Bruce turn into, given the information he attains? Will he be an introvert or join society? To become Batman, a lot more damage had to be done to him. We will see the beginning of a new Bruce Wayne.”

The article also states that the second season “starts production in June at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn”.

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Bruno Heller, creator of “Gotham”, talked to TV Guide about what to expect for tonight’s season finale, including what will happen to Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz):

1. Bruce turns Wayne Manor upside-down! After receiving a cryptic warning from Lucious Fox (Chris Chalk) in the penultimate episode, Bruce is convinced his father’s secret(s) lie in his old office. And he and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) may find more than they anticipated. “Like many people do, Bruce discovers secrets about his parents he was not at all prepared for and make him doubt the foundation of his belief system and how he’s been living his life,” Heller says. “That leads to a stunning, life-changing discovery. He begins to understand that everyone has an inner shadow life, and that’s the psychic trigger for his long journey forward.”

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Just in time for the season finale of “Gotham”! I’ve added HD screen captures from the latest episode, “The Anvil or the Hammer”, to the gallery. Click the thumbnails or link below to see all the captures!

Link to the gallery:
Episode Screen Captures > Season 1 > 1×21 – The Anvil or the Hammer

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