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During a recent visit to the “Gotham” set at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, New York, several members of the cast seemed ready to unleash a reinvigorated second season on the viewing public.


The Bat and the Cat

One of the core pleasures of “Gotham” is seeing the unexpected twists and turns in the origin stories for a number of classic DC characters. That’s readily apparent in the work being done by the show’s two young, break-out stars: Camren Bicondova as street-dwelling pickpocket and future Catwoman Selina Kyle and David Mazouz as teenage Batman-to-be, Bruce Wayne.

“Our show is the origins of these characters, so that’s where we get our flexibility,” said Bicondova. “Because we are the origin stories, we get to have a little bit more flexibility with where we go with the storylines, and I think that’s brilliant.”

McKenzie said Bicondova’s work in particular is a great example of how the “Gotham” can pay tribute to the Batman story’s deep and rich history while still allowing the actors to create characters of their own.

“You’re seeing Catwoman in the flesh… (It’s powerful) to see an actual, real younger woman playing the role and understanding (the character) emotionally,” McKenzie said, later noting that “we have to be respectful of the intention of the series and the overall arc of the characters, but we get to play within it. It’s just a question of balance.”

Mazouz said his character’s past plays a far bigger role in his work that the character’s eventual future as a cape-and-cowl-wearing, crime-fighting vigilante.

“What I do is instead of thinking about it like I’m playing Batman 10 years before Batman, I’m playing a rich boy who lost his parents,” Mazouz said. “I’m thinking backward and moving forward instead of thinking about what he becomes. And, I do think about Batman, taking traits from him and using them in my performance, but typically I just think I’m a rich boy who lost his parents.”

“David is, without a doubt, one of the most phenomenally talented young men I’ve ever worked with,” said Pertwee. “I say young men, that’s the great thing about our profession… (that) we see people as complete equals and that’s what he is, he’s a complete equal. He’s phenomenally talented. I don’t need to tell you that. You’ve seen him. I mean, he flips the intensity button on and he’s the most focused, wonderful man. I adore him, I adore him like a second son.”

Read the whole article here, and listen to the audio of the interviews with the cast (including Camren Bicondova and David Mazouz) below (beginning at 29 minutes):

Source: Asbury Park Press

A new banner for the second season of “Gotham” was revealed on Twitter, and is now available in the gallery:


Link to the gallery:
Promotional Pictures > Season 2 > Posters

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Here is a brand new featurette, entitled “Monsters are coming”, where we get to see Camren Bicondova talk about the direction Selina Kyle is taking in the upcoming season, as well as a few glimpses of Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). You can watch the featurette below, or follow this link to watch Selina Kyle’s part only (working outside the US)!

Screen captures of the video were also added to the gallery!

Link to the gallery:
Screen Captures > Season 2 > Featurette “Monsters Are Coming” – Screen Captures

TV Line shared some spoilers about the upcoming season of “Gotham”, including the cave and the relationship between Bruce and Selina. Read below to learn more!

Meanwhile, what Bruce finds inside his father’s batty cave will inform his POV on Dad and Wayne Enterprises as well as impact his already tenuous bond with Alfred. But ultimately, David Mazouz shares, “It will cause Alfred to train Bruce, and the development of Batman will start.”

BONUS SPOILER!: Although Selena has taken a dark turn since Bruce last saw her, “Their relationship is pretty much the same” once they reconnect, Mazouz says. But: “Eventually, something will stop Selena from interacting with Bruce,” leaving him vulnerable to the charms of socialite Silver St. Cloud (The Goldbergs’ Natalie Alyn Lind).

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While he was promoting “Gotham”, on September 1, David Mazouz answered fan questions during a live session on Periscope. He talked among other things about the evolution of the Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne relationship, and revealed that his character and Jerome (the possible Joker in the show, played by Cameron Monaghan) will meet in season 2! You can now watch the whole Q&A session below.

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On September 1, David Mazouz promoted the second season of “Gotham” on several shows. He was notably on Hollywood Today Live, where he showed is Batman voice, which you can hear in a clip below.

You can watch his interview here, where we can see a clip from the first episode of season 2, and see some pictures of David posted on social media in the gallery.

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In this new video, Camren Bicondova shares her favorite moments about her character, Selina Kyle, from the first season of “Gotham”, which are the brutal scene with Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Reggie Payne (David O’Hara) in episode 19, “Beasts of Prey”, and Selina teaming up with Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) in the season finale, “All Happy Families Are Alike”.

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