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ComicBook.com published a new interview with David Mazouz about the second season of “Gotham”, where he talks about his experience working on the new season. Read the full interview below!

For a young man under 16, “Gotham” star David Mazouz is wise beyond his years. That might have something to do with the actors he works with on a daily basis, going up against folks like Sean Pertwee and James Frain. Mazouz’s experience in holding his own against these pedigree actors, while simultaneously leading other young performers, makes him a unique person to talk to. He has thoughtful answers to each question, and is more likely to look up and inward than to his mother or another actor on set. His fandom of the Batman mythos is palpable, and his love of this unique job for a young teenager exudes with his every smile and laugh.

During a set visit on the “Gotham” Season 2 soundstages in Brooklyn, NY, ComicBook.com spoke with Mazouz on the newest set for the series, the mysterious office that sits under Wayne Manor and once belonged to Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father. We talked about surprises, things to come in Season 2, and who he’d most like to see Bruce clash with in upcoming episodes.

David, getting to chat in this new set here, Thomas Wayne’s hidden underground office, this is pretty cool, huh? What was it like to step onto this set, which is so full of mythos, for the first time?

David Mazouz: It’s magnificent; it really is breathtaking. Everybody that walks onto this set has the same reaction. You walk onto this set and it’s really mind blowing!

What do you feel you learned from Season 1 that you’re most able to bring to Season 2?

DM: I think over the year I just kind of learned who Bruce was: his weaknesses, his strengths, the things that he likes to do, the things he doesn’t – I really got to know who Bruce Wayne is. With that knowledge, I’m able to bring a whole new approach to season 2. That approach is that I think Bruce in season 1 was very honest, and very straight-forward, whereas in season 2 he learns that you can’t be that way in Gotham. (laughs) There’s a game you have to play. It’s a game of manipulation, a game of corruption, and Bruce is going to start to play it.

That’s a harsh lesson for a young orphan to have to learn!

DM: Yeah, well he’s not just a young orphan (laughs) – as some people may know.

You really interacted with a fairly small core of characters throughout Season 1. What’s it like getting to interact with some more of the denizens of Gotham City, especially some of the more nefarious newcomers here?

DM: It’s been incredible! I think last year, I worked with about four, or something ridiculous, out of the fourteen regular cast members. So it’s really nice to get to know – I know everybody so well [as actors] because I see them everywhere, but I don’t know their characters, because I don’t get to see them in person.

I remember one day we did a scene last year, later in the season, and Bruce was walking into a gun range, and Penguin was walking by right behind him – we didn’t actually talk or anything, it’s just one of those crossing by moments. But it was the first time I’d seen his waddle in person. I’d never seen it before, and this was like episode 20! I remember thinking, “Wow, I haven’t seen that!” I realized it when I did.

So it’s really nice being able to interact with more of them as Bruce, and learn their characters more.

What’s something that’s still surprising you, when you’re on set, now that you’re five or six episodes into season 2?

DM: I think, how much more there is to learn about Bruce, and the locations, and Alfred. Our work is not done. It’s still constantly going, and we’ll never be done until we’re done.

Who would you like to see Bruce meet as Season 2 rolls on?

DM: I’d like for Bruce to have a friend! Just somebody his age, who’s a boy, who he can talk to. He doesn’t really have any friends his age, except for these girls who are trying to manipulate him.

Source: ComicBook.com

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TV Insider published the very first still of the second season of “Gotham”, where we can see Bruce and Alfred exploring Thomas Wayne’s office.

Curiosity may kill the cat, but it inspires the Bat when young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz, far left) and his mercurial manservant, Alfred (Sean Pertwee), hit the family-skeleton jackpot while exploring the secret lair beneath the mansion. “It changes everything in Bruce’s life,” Mazouz reveals of the space the pair uncovered in last May’s finale. “It changes how he sees Alfred, the criminal side of Gotham, even how he sees his parents.” The hidden enclave will likely also surprise viewers expecting to see all sorts of gadgets and high-tech toys. “It’s definitely not the Batcave,” Mazouz cautions. “What is down there are clues to Thomas Wayne’s secret life and what he was trying to do before being killed.”

Source: TV Insider

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TVLine posted some information about upcoming seasons of TV shows, including “Gotham”, and here is what David Mazouz has to say regarding the investigation of Bruce’s parents’ murder:

Now that we’re in Season 2, will “Gotham” still keep up the Thomas and Martha Wayne investigation, or will the show move on from that? – Sofia
I hand-delivered your question to Bruce Wayne’s portrayer, David Mazouz, who said that the series-launching murder mystery “will be an ongoing thing” throughout “Gotham”‘s run. “Gordon’s not really looking into it that much anymore, but Bruce is,” the teen said. “The Top 3 things that are on Bruce’s list are: take down the corrupt side of Wayne Enterprises, find out who his father really was, and find out his parents’ murderer. And they’re all connected.”

Source: TVLine via Ben McKenzie News

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David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee were interviewed by Access Hollywood while on the red carpet of the TCA Summer Press Tour 2015, on August 6. You can watch the video below!

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Take a look at this living-one-sheet for the second season of “Gotham”, directed by Justin Stephens, where Bruce starts exploring his “dad’s office” (a.k.a. the Batcave)!

Screen captures from the video were added to the gallery:

Link to the gallery:
Screen Captures > Season 2 > Living-One-Sheet – Screen Captures

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The first posters for the second season of “Gotham” are now available online! We get to meet new characters and see Selina’s new look, as well as Bruce exploring the cave/his dad’s office. Click the pictures and link below to see the posters in the gallery!

Link to the gallery:
Promotional Pictures > Season 2 > Posters

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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